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Giving professionals more time with fast, easy and secure documentation software.

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Make Time For The Work That Counts

Give yourself more time with software that makes documentation fast, easy and secure

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Give your staff more time to be productive
with Winscribe technology.

Get smart about the way your organisation approaches administration. Every minute that your people are spending on paperwork, data entry or documentation is one that could have been spent on work that adds value.



Give clinical staff the tools to create documents in moments. Powerful tools like templated documents, speech recognition and system integrations give your clinicians more time to care for patients.

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Reduce document turnaround time, increase profitability, and serve clients faster – all while using your voice. Productivity enhancing tools, such as dictation, speech recognition and mobile documentation, enable fee earners to get legal documents done faster and improve client services.

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All Industries

All Industries

There’s a competitive pressure to minimise the time it takes to turn around information and boost profits. Let Winscribe help you to improve staff productivity with intelligent, automated and centralised dictation and speech recognition solutions.

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“It is not uncommon for letters I have dictated at the beginning of a three hour outpatient clinic to be available for me to authorize in the system before I have even seen the last patient in the same clinic.” 

Senior Clinician
Leeds Teaching Hospital


“With Winscribe, I have never seen a backlog of jobs for transcription. 

Maria Williams, HIMD Supervisor
Patton State Hospital

Outpatient Process Redesign

Understand Your Documentation Costs & How To Reduce Them

Winscribe's consultation team analyses your documentation process and costs against industry benchmarks, giving you a clear picture of where and how you can save.

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Clinical Content Maturity Index

How Efficient Is Your Trust At Document Production Compared To Others

With the CCMI you are able to see exactly how your Trust's cost, turnaround time, workflow process and technology adoption compare to others in the NHS. NHS Trust's in terms of their adoption of processes, technologies and systems of work with respect to producing clinical documents.

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Case Study

Leeds Teaching Hospital

Clinical workflow and speech recognition save Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust £1.2m annually.

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EHR Survey Results

Find out what Healthcare professionals think about EHR systems, how documentation has changed and what their opinions are of new patient record systems.

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Process Redesign

Outpatient Documentation Review


Maturity Index

Case Study

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Winscribe Text Version 8.4 Transforms Clinical Document Processing, Customer Engagement & Patient History Management

Winscribe announces the latest release of their clinical documentation management software, Winscribe Text version 8.4 (v8.4), which provides new features that enable greater user... Read More

Monday, September 18, 2017

Winscribe Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

Winscribe has received ISO 27001:2013 certification, the highest possible standard for information management systems. ... Read More


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