Winscribe helps over 90 NHS Trusts throughout the United Kingdom meet their efficiency savings targets

Clinical Correspondence

An integrated clinical correspondence solution that will deliver efficiency savings and helps to unlock performance-based funding by meeting the Trust's CQUIN targets for patient communication and required discharge summary turnaround times.

Winscribe's clinical correspondence solution, powered by Epro, synchronises with your hospital’s PAS system, ensuring patient details are accessible to users from within the application. This, combined with the ability to track the progress of work, means clinicians and secretaries have all the information they need at their fingertips and can spend less time and effort on producing, chasing up and sending critical letters.

  • Instant patient look up
  • Built-in templates and digital dictation
  • Comprehensive progress updates, edit and approval functionality
  • Easy electronic distribution of discharge summaries to GP
  • Print for patient to take home straight from the clinic
  • Complies with Microsoft Health CUI standards for patient safety

PowerSearch for instant patient look up

Simply type in the patient’s name or an identifier and patient details held on the hospital’s PAS are automatically displayed for the clinicians convenience, while also enhancing patient safety.

Power Search

Templates to simplify document production


Preloaded templates are launched when the clinician starts a clinical letter. The solution also manages content, pre-populating fields with hospital, patient and GP details.

Digital Dictation straight from the patient list


Our clinical correspondence solution enables clinicians to record and send dictations using Winscribe's advanced dictation workflow technology. Automatically, a patient’s name and ID are inserted into the dictation system, avoiding misidentification by both clinicians and typists. Once dictations are recorded and submitted the dictation system's workflow controls and instantly transfers dictations to the correct typist or typing group.

Time saving for typists

Prior to typing, once typists access a dictation, the solution automatically launches the correct template and patient

Auto-text enables transcription to be done in seconds

To reduce the time taken to type up repeat or common dictations, simply enter a shortcut code and the solution automatically generates the correct text.

Preview and edit tools


Once typed, designated approvers can review and edit the document against the original audio. This eliminates the need for printed copies with corrections being passed back to the typists. Once checked, documents are approved ready for distribution.

Instant electronic sending capabilities


Designated users can print copies of the document to give to patient’s on discharge and also electronically send the letter to the patient’s GP

Status updates


Users simply access the solution to instantly see how the clinical correspondence is progressing through the five step workflow; draft, written, transcribed, approved and issued.

  • We looked at a number of providers but Winscribe demonstrated a strong understanding of our goals and excellent customer service. Already Winscribe are helping us to realise our 24 hour vision as well as DoH targets for discharge summaries, providing us with a ‘lean’ way of producing documents

    Nina White Service Improvement Manager, Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust

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