Winscribe helps over 90 NHS Trusts throughout the United Kingdom meet their efficiency savings targets

Dictation Workflow Solutions for NHS Trusts

Winscribe Digital Dictation offers NHS Trusts a departmental or trust-wide integrated dictation solution that covers all your digital dictation, clinical document production and workflow management requirements.

Advantages of Winscribe Dictation Workflow Solutions for NHS Trusts

  • Secure dictation from anywhere with instant transmittal to the typist for efficient use while maintaining patient confidentiality
  • Flexible dictation device options (i.e. digital handheld recorder, PC Workstation, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry)
  • Ability to monitor your typists output levels in real time
  • Extensive experience integrating with HIS, PAS and EPR systems 
  • Supports HL7 standards
  • Ability to retrieve jobs for review and editing
  • Automatic routing of work based on document turnaround times and escalation rules
  • Speech recognition option to reduce critical document turnaround times and improve transcription output
  • Promote work sharing and transcription outsourcing  to avoid bottlenecks
  • Job redirection based on typists' working hours

Winscribe's Advanced Workflow vs "Simple Workflow"

Simple workflow usually means that a document makes the journey from clinican, to typist, possibly back to clinician, and then perhaps onto some document production. It may even follow a specific workflow depending on its job type. It’s when jobs start to stack up – think of abnormal volumes of work, other jobs taking priority, staff sickness, staff holidays or jobs taking longer than expected – that problems and typing backlogs begins to occur.

Typing backlog is the workflow equivalent of thrombosis, which needs specialist treatment. With simple workflow systems, the ‘treatment’ is to go to a computer screen and manually balance the workload across different secretaries/departments. This is inefficient and costly.

Winscribe's Advanced Workflow is already built into our digital dictation solutions, allowing our customers to build intelligent workflow processes that keep documents on the move ensuring they meet their turnaround times. All of this is achieved automatically, without intervention from professional staff.

The first step towards prevention of typist backlog is to specify when a document is required – the document turnaround time. Step two is to configure the systems to the working hours of the typists.

As part of implementing true workflow, we configure each customer’s digital dictation solution to automatically move work based on escalation rules linked to document turnaround times and working availability. This means the system automatically moves work and can even escalate to a supervisor if it detects that a job is likely to fall behind.

This Advanced Workflow is Winscribe's core differentiator to other systems. It means important CQUIN targets such as discharge summary turnaround times can be reached consistently, in the process unlocking performance based funding, improving patient service, and reducing overall cost.

Mobile Working

With the Winscribe Mobility Suite it doesn’t matter whether your clinicians are equipped with a BlackBerry, the iPhone, iPad or an Android smart phone, they can dictate their clinics on the move, anywhere anytime, with all the workflow capability of desktop digital dictation. Our mobile applications provide clinicians with instant access to patient schedules, which increases their productivity and reduces the risk of patient identification error.

Winscribe MD is an iPhone application that is designed with the busy healthcare professional in mind. Using Winscribe MD, healthcare professionals can capture and manage dictations on their iPhones via secure HTTPS transmission, while incorporating an advanced scheduling system that allows users to view new & existing appointments, patient details and report accordingly. It also provides up to date information and immediate notification of any scheduling changes, all while they are away from their station.

The easy-to-use application provides the ability to select individual patient information from a patient list. This unique feature provides unprecedented flexibility for inpatient unscheduled reporting and facilitates better workflow management.

Winscribe’s Telephony Server  makes it possible to create documents using any type of mobile or fixed line phone to dictate the work.  For maximum efficiency, custom prompts can be created to provide voice forms that deliver a series of automated verbal cues so a pre-structured document or patient report can be completed with input provided.


Integrated data systems to protect patient data security and maximise productivity

Integration with various patient data information systems not only speeds up the document creation workflow, it also ensures that input information is consistent between systems. A web services-based integration tool offers you the advantages of a totally integrated digital dictation solution based on advanced integration architecture. By providing ‘open standard’ development tools and integration with HIS, PAS and EPR systems, you will experience the benefits of a totally integrated solution for two-way exchange of patient demographic and report tracking information.

Clinical Information Management

The ultimate all-in-one solution that makes hospitals work more efficiently and provide better patient care, Epro is a web-based clinical information management system which supports rapid deployment of discharge summaries while also managing patient records and providing powerful reporting capabilities. NHS Trusts can select from 15 different modules, providing hospitals with a tailored experience that fits their particular requirements. Designed from a clinician’s perspective, Epro not only delivers all the functionalities but also provides outstanding user experience.


Speech Recognition for faster transcription at lower cost

Speech recognition technology can recognise the words you are dictating and ‘type’ them for you. A ‘client-side’ solution allows you to see and edit the words as they appear on your computer whilst you are dictating your job. With a ‘server-side’ set-up your job is sent to a server for recognition before being routed to a transcriptionist or other destination in the flow of work. Both optional methods can be used independently or combined to make document creation more efficient for you.


Flexible Licensing Options

In order to meet the diverse needs of organisations both large and small, Winscribe offers its clients options for software acquisition. For clients who wish to host and manage the software themselves in their own data center, Winscribe’s software can be acquired via traditional licensing model - whereby applications are installed separate at each customer site on their own servers.  Alternatively, clients can elect to subscribe to Winscribe Cloud Services, a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering of Winscribe’s dictation workflow management Suite.   With no servers to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade, the popularity of cloud services grows with organisations that are increasingly asked to do more with less.

  • The Winscribe solution enables us to build on the work we have already started and accelerate document turnaround times by simplifying the transfer of dictations and work across the Trust. The ability to see the flow of work removes both risk and frustration, helping us to remove and eliminate typing backlogs

    Miranda Pilkington General Manager, Efficiency Unit - University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

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