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Epro Clinical Workflow

Epro has been designed to work with Winscribe and built to improve patient care by improving NHS hospital systems. It is a web-based, modular clinical information management system which supports rapid deployment of discharge summaries while also managing patient records and providing powerful reporting capabilities.


The Epro system is made up of a configurable set of modules, making it possible to provide a tailored experience for a hospital’s particular requirements without having to purchase the complete set. This gives Trusts choice and power in deciding what modules are best for their needs.

NHS Trusts can select from up to 15 different modules in their installation package, which include: Ward Whiteboards, Bed Management, Clinic Integration and Handover Lists to name but a few.

Designed for clinicians

The application has been designed from a clinician’s perspective and has an intuitive interface that supports the way doctors and nurses think. The Powersearch facility enables fast access to patient records throughout the Trust, giving clinicians flexibility to make the system work how they need it to.

Anyone with proper authorisation can securely access any information on any patient, at any time and from anywhere in the world where they have access to the World Wide Web. Any information means:

  • Problem lists
  • ICD coded diagnoses
  • Patient drugs
  • Patient Demographics
  • Multidisciplinary notes
  • Word documents & discharge summaries
  • Progress notes
  • Lab results / radiology / clinical photography
  • Nursing notes
  • Imported documents

Integrated Dictation

Epro has been built to work with Winscribe’s digital dictation system. Clinicians are able to record their clinic dictations directly on to patient lists, cutting down the time and effort it takes to process a patient. These recordings are then routed through Epro to ensure the correct pool of typists or medical secretaries receive the recording for transcription immediately.

  • One key way in which Winscribe and Epro is differentiated from other solutions is the power of its search engine, the ease with which you can find things and the speed with which its web-based interface operates.

    Samantha Hedley Business Manager & Project Lead, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
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