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At the Crossroads : Clinical Documentation & the EHR

Recorded: October 2015

This webinar discusses the shift from volume-based reimbursement to value-based and the impact of complete and accurate clinical documentation; The clinical documentation challenge; The rising dissatisfaction with EHRs; Using a hybrid clinical documentation approach; and Strategies and best practices for improved clinical documentation.

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The Patient Story - Benefits of Narrative Dictation in an EHR Environment

Recorded: November 2015

We outline how essential complete documentation is to patient care, talk about the causes of gaps and delays in documentation and the necessity of working around the EHR environment to deliver solutions.

Finally we examine the tools that will help build effective patient records but allow doctors to focus on patient care.

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Improving Medical Documentation Using Voice Webinar Vertical

Improve Medical Documentation Using Your Voice

Recorded: November 2015

In this webinar, we look at EHR's as the backbone of the documentation systems and identifying their shortcomings. We see how detail, rationale and context are difficult concepts to capture using templates. 

Find out how Doctors can move away from data entry and focus on the care of their patients.

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Improving Hospital Revenue Through Better Clinical Documentation

Recorded: December 2015

Hear how improving clinical documentation can help Healthcare providers create long term financial stability and growth in revenues.

Learn how to grow revenues and prevent losses using a hybrid model of documentation.

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Realising the recurrent savings and associated benefits of digital healthcare

Recorded: October 2017

Winscribe and Bloor Research demonstrate how assessing a trust’s clinical correspondence processes against best practice, bench-marking and industry standard maturity model practices can highlight additional, significant recurrent savings.

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LegalCloudBannerVertical.pngBenefits of Cloud Dictation for Law Firms

Recorded: November 2017

Find out how cloud technology is currently changing the way many law firms adopt and implement legal IT solutions, such as dictation and speech recognition.

Learn about the key benefits of cloud-based dictation for law firms, and see a brief demonstration of Winscribe Dictation.

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