Speech-enable your medical documentation 

In the age of the EMR, increased documentation demands continue to burden physicians, and providers need solutions that enable fast and accurate documentation. 

Find out how Winscribe's speech recognition and speech-enabled medical documentation management technology enables physicians to focus more on patient care and less time on paperwork, while helping to meet documentation requirements.



Which solution is right for your organization?


Winscribe Quick Speech Recognition: Fast & accurate front-end speech recognition

Winscribe Quick Speech Recognition (QSR) is a standalone speech recognition solution that offers real-time, front-end (client-side) speech recognition, meaning that when authors talk they will automatically see the text appear before them. The user simply places his/her cursor in any text field (e.g. Microsoft Word, third-party application that allows text entry, PowerPoint, and Web browser) and begins dictation. It serves as a digital assistant for physicians that do not have support staff to complete transcription. This enables your physicians to free up more time and provide even greater patient care. ► LEARN MORE



Winscribe Dictation + Winscribe Speech Recognition: Improve in-house transcription

Winscribe Speech Recognition (WSR) is part of Winscribe’s digital dictation workflow management system. WSR quickly and accurately transforms speech to text. With WSR, speech recognized text can be automatically sent to support staff for review, editing and formatting (if needed) - enabling your physicians to focus their time on patient care and less on administrative tasks.  WSR is cost effective and enables quick and seamless document creation cycles and edit rates. ► LEARN MORE



Winscribe Text: Speech-enabled with full document management

Winscribe Text is an integrated, end-to-end medical report and documentation management solution for healthcare organizations that handles all steps in the documentation process – from creation to distribution, and every step in between.  This next-generation system enables you to reliably and efficiently create and administer all documents required in daily medical life and transmit them to the correct recipients. With the addition of integrated speech recognition, you can dramatically reduce document turnaround time with fast and accurate voice-to-text technology. Clinicians can quickly produce, sign and distribute documents. ► LEARN MORE


Key Benefits of Winscribe's Speech-Enabled Documentation Solutions:

  • Reduce document turnaround time

  • Improve physician productivity and reduce their time spent on documentation

  • Speech recognition that supports a healthcare-specific vocabulary and can 'learn' new words

  • Use voice commands and templates to speed up report creation

  • Integrate Winscribe’s speech solutions with EMRs and other Health Information Systems (HIS)

  • Easily create reports and manage them centrally and securely

  • Use automated, intelligent and standardized workflows to reduce report delays, errors and turnaround time

  • Integrated reporting component tracks staff productivity, usage, and effectiveness

  • Less time fielding calls for preliminary reports


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