Do You Know How To Meet Your CIP Targets?

We'll show you exactly how to make meaningful cost savings and efficiency improvements in your outpatient processes, at no cost.

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Free, in depth analysis from industry experts. Find opportunities for savings, learn how to make them.

There are so many opportunities for healthcare providers to save on cost. We take a proven, data driven approach to finding these savings to show you exactly what you need to do to reduce cost without affecting your ability to deliver excellent healthcare.

Current Situation Analysis

Current Situation Analysis

We'll show you an analysis of document throughput times, patient waiting periods and the total cost of your documentaiton.

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Prioritisation & Recomendations

Prioritisation & Recomendations

You'll receive a comprehensive analysis of where the most improvement can happen with the smallest cost.

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Recommendations Report

Recommendations Report

To facilitate improvements, we provide a series of recommendations and an execution plan for reducing costs, improving patient experiences and improving turnaround time.

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Understand Your Documentation Process

See Where & How To Be More Efficient, Save Time & Reduce Cost

Understanding your documentation process in depth with Winscribe’s consultation team will allow you to make real, valuable changes towards efficiency gains and cost reduction. We provide meaningful data and expert recommendations for where and how improvements to your process can be made.

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Where Can You Reduce Costs Now?

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Get A Clear View Of Your Current Processes

Without fully understanding the current processes your organisation has in place for outpatients it is very difficult, if not impossible, to make improvements to increase efficiency.

We do an in depth analysis of your processes, using industry metrics to break down patient interactions from first visit to discharge.

These metrics are then used to create benchmarks internally and ultimately externally to give you a full picture of the current process being used.

Documentation Efficiency Reports Show

  • A complete breakdown of turnaround times for outpatient documents for each step in the process.

  • An analysis of how much time is spent on documentation broken down by department and job description.

  • Careful estimations of the current cost of documentation along with a report on where that cost is allocated.

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