The Oscar Lambret Center Completes First Stage Of Winscribe Text Rollout

Lille, France - July 14, 2015


The prospect of speeding up medical documentation was highly attractive to the French Cancer Institute "Centre Oscar Lambret" (COL). In the last year Winscribe have worked on a solution that conformed to suit existing processes and made use of the latest technology in speech recognition and documentation.

Mr Didier Cauchois, CIO of information systems at COL states that the results Winscribe Text have been impressive so far. He attributes the success to the dedication from the team at COL, hands on management from Winscribe's French sales partner Dicma & the technology offered by Winscribe's platform. "We have already begun to see the Winscribe Text software improve the center's efforts to deliver better outcomes to oncology patients" he states during a recent interview with the French Medical Magazine “Technologies et Innovations Hospitalières” of April 2015.

Some Of The Successes For The Rollout So Far


  • Speech recognition rates as high as 97% & 100%
  • 80% of reports require no new words created in the system
  • Document turnaround times reduced to less than 3 days


Making Use Of Modern Speech Recognition Technology

In the early 2000's the center had tried unsuccessfully to find a digital dictation solution that suited their needs. The Center faced several challenges to adopting Speech Recognition Technology, the first being the organisations existing Information Systems and the second being the complicated processes involved in management of oncology patients.
Mr Didier Cauchois, CIO of information systems at COL contacted Winscribe with renewed interest in Speech Recognition technology once it was discovered just how far advanced Winscribe Text was. Of particular interest to Mr Cauchois was the way that the new Winscribe Text solution was able to fit seamlessly with existing Information systems.


The Importance Of Rapid Medical Documentation To Effective Treatment At COL

With French Comprehensive Cancer Centers (FCCC) issuing a guideline that recommended treatments begin within one month of the first specialist clinic appointment, it was critical for COL to reduce the turnaround times for medical documentation and have patients treated as quickly as possible so as to have the highest chance of success.

COL found that changing the way documents are created was particularly difficult due to the diversity of treatments available. Each of their patients benefit the most from a personalised care plans and treatments that are designed for each patient individually. Luckily in Winscribe were able to provide a system of documentation with Winscribe Text that was both efficient and flexible. This allowed doctors and secretaries to make all the necessary adjustments and distribute documentation quickly enough to meet treatment guidelines.



Adaption, Challenges & Success Indications

The entire Imagery team at COL have been using the Winscribe Text solution since December 2015. During the transition period there were some challenges for physicians and secretaries. Doctors had to master both the physical devices and their own dictation techniques. Despite this, even the initial speech recognition results were very high - as high as 97% and 100%.

“There was an adaptation period of 3 to 4 weeks for everyone involved on the project. Doctors had to perfect their handling of microphones and dictation techniques in order to efficiently dictate directly into the system. They have to spend a little bit more time at the beginning of the dictation process but this is well worth the effort because after using the system for 3.5 months we are now achieving very high speech recognition rates. Speech recognition rates are as high as 97% and 100% for medical reports created using our Winscribe Text and Speech Recognition system”
- Dr Sophie Taieb (Head of the Imagery Department)

The Results - Initial Success & With Further Improvements On The Horizon

Although there was some initial adaptation to the system , the team at COL was surprised by just how quickly they were able to see the indications of success very early on. Obvious gains in efficiency have been seen almost immediately.

"Mr Didier Cauchois also added that “one of the advantages of Microsoft speech Recognition is that the learning phase to familiarize yourself with the software is quite fast and the system delivers impressive quality indicators that can be immediately seen."
- Dr Sophie Taieb

Winscribe was able to deploy a rich, comprehensive dictionary, meaning that for over 80% of initial reports - no additional words were needed. Adding to that dictionary over time will improve these results, meaning that a higher and higher percentage accuracy in report creation.

Turnaround time for medical documents is now less than 3 days - an amazing result.

What that has meant for the Center is that the staff are able to spend more time with patients - providing with more opportunity to create personalised care plans and treatments. Secretaries as well have found that they can handle enquiries from patients in a caring and relaxed manner.

To date, Centre Oscar Lambret has rolled out Winscribe Text to 20 work stations within the Imagery department. Moving forward the advanced speech recognition and documentation platform will be deployed across other specialities, helping the center provide care for over 3300 new patients every year.

Winscribe Text Solution Recieves International Recognition

Thanks to the success of COL and other sites around the world that have implemented the Winscribe Text solution. Winscribe has been selected by HIMSS for the AsiaPac Innovation award, presented for the first time this year at the AsiaPac15 Conference in Singapore. Read more about the award here

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