South Staffordshire and Shropshire NHS Foundation Trust select Winscribe to create capacity for clinical staff in mental and community health.

To support their clinicians and administrative staff, South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust needed a solution that could deliver time savings, user friendly experiences and cost reductions.

Community and mental health providers are being called on more and more by the wider medical community. With changing demographics, growing populations and increasing demands on mental health comes a greater pressure on delivery of community and mental health.

Within this fluid environment, South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare  NHS Trust undertook an ambitious project to remodel their provision of services and improve care and delivery outcomes for their community. This improved focus on efficiency and care required a greater maturity from the processes and technology that supports clinicians and administrative staff. Within mental and community health, as in all disciplines, there is a real need to connect fully with patients. There is also a requirement to be detailed, accurate and timely when updating the clinical record.

Staff at South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust needed the tools to deliver a high standard of documentation quickly, accurately and effectively whilst on the move. These tools needed to offer efficiencies in the documentation process to ease the workload of staff and offer them the opportunity to focus on patients.

“It was critical that this project offer not just efficiencies in cost but also created capacity for our staff and future proofed our processes moving forward.”Jheeta Upkar Project Manager, Mental Health Services


Winscribe’s experts conducted an analysis of the Trust’s documentation needs, assessing the opportunities for improvements and the potential benefits to be gained. To meet the Trust’s need effectively Winscribe offered the following technology mix.

  • Mobile dictation, supported across the devices already in use for the trust. Mobile dictation allows notes and letters to be dictated from anywhere and distributed for typing to the Trust’s typing pool. 

  • Mobile speech recognition integrated directly into RIO, the patient record management system. 

“Winscribe were able to demonstrate an in depth understanding of our needs and propose a solution that was compatible with how we need to work now and in the future.”

Jheeta Upkar Project Manager, Mental Health Services

Project Goals

  • Better quality of record keeping through direct, accurate speech recognition straight into RIO.

  • Faster updates to the clinical system as notes can be added very quickly by clinicians right there and then.

  • Reduced stress for staff, evidenced through lower sickness rates as administration burdens are eased.

  • Improved work/life balance for staff with documents being created in work hours rather than outside of work time.

  • Reduced overtime costs (where back fill was agreed).

  • Greater outputs and improved quality of care through increased clinical time to care.

“Supporting Mental Health and Community Trusts across the NHS is a key focus at Winscribe and we're looking forward to working with SSSFT to transform their current dictation processes and make significant efficiency gains via mobile dictation and speech recognition.”Dualtagh Franklin Healthcare Account Manager, Winscribe



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