Winscribe Enhances Clinical Correspondence Capabilities with the Release of Winscribe Text Version 8.5

Winscribe announces the latest release of their clinical correspondence management software Winscribe Text version 8.5 (v8.5), which provides clinicians with improved access to patient appointments, customisable document management queues, and greater visibility into a patient’s historical documents for faster access to critical patient information. The latest version also includes a series of new policies to protect and manage users’ passwords and system access.

Winscribe_Text_iPhone_iPad_Laptop_Logo.pngWinscribe is pleased to launch the release of Winscribe Text version 8.5 (v8.5). Winscribe Text is an enterprise software system that streamlines clinical documentation workflow processes and enables clinicians to create, view, distribute, and manage patient data and documentation quickly, easily, and securely. The latest version further enhances these capabilities, while securing system access.

By using Winscribe Text, caregivers can have seamless integration with clinic schedules and appointments. In addition, letters produced through Winscribe Text can automatically link referring physicians and other important medical meta-data from clinical information systems to the documentation process. Clinicians and medical support staff also benefit from improved document handling, better access to patient information and more intuitive working in version 8.5.

Key new features available in Winscribe Text v8.5 include:

  • Advanced Patient History Pathway: The advanced patient history pathway has been extended in the latest release to include a new “Patient’s Clinic List”. This improvement provides clinicians with greater visibility into a patient’s historical documents and faster access to critical patient information.
  • Enhanced Access to Patient Appointments: Clinicians can now choose simple or advanced views of patient schedules to better manage their workloads. Users can select a specific day to see that day's appointments list in full, and they can use the calendar heading to quickly and easily navigate to other months/days.
  • Improved and More Secure Password Management: New and improved password management features were introduced in Winscribe Text v8.5 to address customers’ requirements for system-independent security options. The improvements allow administrators to implement security checks and password, complexity and renewal processes in parallel or supplemental to the network-driven security standards.
  • User Experience Improvements: Winscribe Text v8.5 includes several new user feature upgrades that improve the way healthcare professionals interact with the system. Amongst some of the new features that Winscribe is providing are an updated template editor, new options around signature and multiple signature processes, and more flexibility in the display of information.

“Winscribe Text v8.5 continues to be built from the ground up based on client feedback, and the result allows our solution to be rapidly implemented and embraced by our healthcare customers, as it responds to a real need,” comments Pierre Corboz, Director Product Strategy at Winscribe. “Above all, we are focused on solutions that are driven by ‘walking the floor’ and understanding the daily challenges that clinicians have and where we can make a real difference. Every minute that they save by creating documents more efficiently through speech-driven tools and having immediate access to patient history data – while not having to search for information – is a success for us all. This release highlights our customers’ needs at the core of our solution, and the updates give clients a faster way to work and more control of their documentation processes, so they can see more patients, communicate information faster, and create higher quality reports.”

To learn more about Winscribe Text click HERE.

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