Winscribe Enhances Clinical Data and Documentation Management with the Release of Winscribe Text Version 8.7

Winscribe announces a new release of their medical documentation management system, Winscribe Text version 8.7 (v8.7), which provides new features that enable better data management, enhanced documentation control and improved user efficiency.

Winscribe_Text_iPhone_iPad_Laptop_Logo.pngWinscribe announced today the latest version of its enterprise medical documentation management solution, Winscribe Text v8.7. The system provides a central platform for creating and managing clinical documentation, and it enables managers to easily monitor and manage staff productivity levels, document distribution, quality assurance and data compliance. In addition, the Winscribe Text software solution has a user-friendly interface that empowers clinicians to easily create letters and reports by using their voice, and the system can be interfaced or integrated with EHRs and other Health Information Systems (HIS), enabling fast and accurate reporting while reducing data entry duplication and errors.

"Winscribe has invested in building strong partnerships with our customers, which has led to a rapid evolution of the Winscribe Text solution. Winscribe Text version 8.7 is that next step forward,” stated Fausto Basso, Director of Software Development at Winscribe. "Building on top of Winscribe Text’s platform, version 8.7 delivers innovative tools that give clinicians and managers great options for enriching data management, capturing narrative and structured data, adding more documentation controls, improving workflow efficiency and customising a solution that best fits their needs. We are pleased to provide a more comprehensive solution suite that meets a growing market need, and we are excited for clients to take advantage of the new productivity enhancements and system options to make their documentation processes even faster and more efficient."

Key new features and tools available in Winscribe Text v8.7 include:

  • The ability to create custom User Defined Fields: Winscribe Text now provides administrators with a capability to add “User Defined Fields” to capture more custom demographic data with documents, accessing data from sources that are external to the standard setup. They can be set as searchable in document searches, added to document types within the system and made available as template bindings – further enhancing the documentation and management of a more complete patient story.

  • New audio upload options and supported audio formats: Winscribe Text v8.7 has an enhanced Importer feature that enables clinicians to upload recorded dictations into the system (i.e., dictations not recorded directly through the Winscribe Text system), and it now supports more audio formats – allowing for more types of audio devices to be downloaded into Winscribe Text.

  • Customised login messages: Winscribe Text now enables administrators to add a custom message to the Web Admin login screen. This allows customised site-wide information to be displayed (e.g., maintenance, alert, etc.).

  • Enhanced document “due date and time” management: A new “Due Date” setting allows granular control of deadlines and the permissions around deadline setting and management.

  • Automatic document signing for physicians: A new setting in Winscribe Text v8.7, Automatic Signature, enables the administrator to link users to auto-add them to documents – enabling a quicker signing hierarchy that defines who signs what, based on the linked bionomy.

  • The ability to add or adjust document bindings and watermarks: Winscribe Text now features a Document Bindings control, in which administrators can now set the background colour of template bindings to improve the visibility on some displays. In addition, Winscribe Text now features the ability to add watermarks to uncompleted documents.

The latest updates and features available in Winscribe Text v8.7 build onto the system’s robust base system and optional modules that assist healthcare organisations to increase physician and staff productivity, improve system administration, save costs and improve patient data management and care. A list of the current Winscribe Text modules includes:

  • Appointments: Provides clinicians access to their patient appointments.

  • Attachments: Enables users to add attachments to documents.

  • Automated Print Distribution: Enables automatic printing of documents for distribution.

  • Comments: Enables tracked instructions and questions to be made against documents.

  • Structured Fields (Custom Alert, Custom Data & Custom Input): A facility whereby administrators can define their own database fields and store bespoke data in the Winscribe Text database against patients and visits.

  • Notifications: Enables administrators to configure user email alerts that are triggered by preset criteria.

  • Outsource Manager: Enables documents to be automatically outsourced (to a third-party outsourcing service).

  • Patient History: Provides users with a quick method of examining all of a patient’s Winscribe Text documents in a single concatenated view.

  • Speech Recognition: Enables users to record dictation and have their speech immediately transcribed.

  • Team Snippets: Enables users to create, edit and share snippets (standardised blocks of text) that are used frequently.

  • Typing QA: Allows transcription managers to QA documents before they go back to clinicians for sign-off.

To learn more about Winscribe Text click HERE.

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