6 Ways Cloud Dictation Benefits Law Firms

6 Ways Cloud Dictation Benefits Law Firms

Author -  Beth Stapleton

More and more law firms are migrating to cloud-based technology in order to harness the many benefits and opportunities it provides. In fact, 51% of the respondents to ILTA’s 2015 Technology Survey indicated that they expected their firm would increase the adoption of cloud-based solutions.  In addition, the 2015 ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey recorded “dictation software” and “cloud storage” as two of the top ten purchases for law firms.2  Cloud computing was also listed as one of the most exciting technologies and trends for law firms.

Cloud-based speech technology has enabled many law firms to simply do more with less, while increasing productivity, enabling truer mobility, improving system versatility and flexibility, and having a built-in disaster recovery program.

For those that may be unconvinced and are hesitant to make the leap, let us offer assurance and describe some of the top benefits law firms can experience through cloud-based speech technology, including:

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  • Increased Productivity
  • Mobility & Flexible Working
  • System Scalability
  • Lower Cost of Ownership & Reduced IT Headaches
  • Supporting the Latest Features & Future Proofing
  • Security & Disaster Recovery


Download the white paper,  "6 Ways Cloud Dictation Benefits Law Firms" to learn more!


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