How Much Billable Time Is Your Firm Losing

How Much Billable Time Is Your Firm Losing

Author -  Beth Stapleton

The Value of an Attorney's Time

The most valuable asset of any legal firm is the attorneys' time, and attorneys know that effective time management is the key to maximizing personal productivity and firm profits. A digital dictation workflow management solution allows more time for lawyers to focus their highly specialized skills on client services and less time dealing with administrative work.


Why Legal Professionals Should Use Their Voices 

The average professional spends nearly 4 hours per day writing emails, composing documents and preparing other communications! The average typing speed is just 39 words a minute, while the average speaking rate is approximately 200 words per minute.

If the average person dictates information instead of composing it themselves, production is approximately 5 TIMES FASTER than preparing the documentation oneself! Consider the implications that this can have on your attorneys' time!


How Much Billable Time Can You Save with Speech Technology? 

Consider this example:

Conservatively speaking, if you found a non-dictating attorney spends about 10% of his or her time producing documents, that would be 4 hours in a 40-hour work week. With speech technology, 3.2 hours can be saved, allowing the attorney to focus his or her time on specialized legal services and better client service. If you are billing $250 per hour for legal services, that's $800 per attorney per week or $41,600 per attorney per year that would have been lost by not dictating!

When attorneys are alleviated from administrative tasks and the hassle of manually composing documentation, they have more time. Time for themselves or time that can be used to acquire new work, increase their billable time, and serve their clients better!

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