[NEW Report] Realising the recurrent savings and associated benefits of digital healthcare

Author -  Paul Southwood

HFMA_Webinar_Poll_Report_Icon.jpgOn the 5th October, Winscribe conducted a webinar through the HFMA (Financial Management association for healthcare), entitled “Realising the Recurrent Savings and Associated Benefits of Digital Healthcare”. During this live presentation, we asked healthcare professionals whether they had benefitted from currently implemented technology. The illuminating results correlate with, and are representative of, Winscribe’s experience of working with the NHS for over 20 years, their in-house consultancy as well as Bloor Research’s independent analysis.

"Our recent work through the HFMA was a great opportunity to demonstrate Winscribe’s continued work with independent consultancy companies, but also an opportunity to provide our industry expertise to the NHS. Our dedication in reducing costs and improving efficiency for the NHS remains a cornerstone of everything we do at Winscribe – it’s software and people. We look forward to forging ahead with our NHS customers in achieving our mutual goals.” ~ Chris Rodwell, UK Head of Healthcare at Winscribe

Click HERE to view the webinar recording.

Click HERE to download a copy of the report.

To learn more about this topic, please see our recent post, entitled “CIP Savings and Where to Find Them!”

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