The Benefits of Digital Dictation – Why choose to go digital.

Author -  Ankit Patel & Bhavika Chudasama

The Benefits of Digital Dictation – Why choose to go digital.

By Ankit Patel and Bhavika Chudasama


Digital Dictation allows a hospital to communicate efficiently; allowing doctors or consultants to instantly send dictated notes or letters to their secretaries. The value of moving to a digital dictation system is primarily in saving cost, but also in improving efficiency.

With the current trend to reduce our environmental impact, reducing paper in the NHS is an important modern day concern. Equally for the trust, with paper and printing clinical documentation costs less money to create and manage with a digital solution; with far less mistakes, whilst also taking less time to create.

In terms of client care, doctors can spend more time with their patients which improves the quality of care. In addition to this a clinician, not having to break concentration to type notes during the patient appointment, can spend more time securing information and detail on the patients presenting issue.

Older technologies, such as analogue tapes and cassettes, are slower and can be lost in transit – meaning that important clinical information is delayed getting to its source. The speed the consultant can complete the letters and send them to the secretary allows more time to focus on patients. Previously, secretaries had a hard time hearing the analogue tapes due to over use and wear. Using digital dictation therefore allows better quality and faster access to information dictated by the clinician. This provides better accuracy in conveying the message of the doctor.

Management are able to view reports of the workload of the doctors and secretaries. This provides clarity for management upon the demands of existing staff, allowing for reallocation of work.


To conclude many have evolved to using digital dictation. Winscribe have helped many hospitals and trusts to migrate from analogue systems and currently works with over 70 UK NHS trusts providing their solution.


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