Using Speech Recognition to Improve EMR Adoption

Using Speech Recognition to Improve EMR Adoption

Author -  Beth Stapleton

A well-documented medical record is essential to providing quality care, and it enables physicians and other healthcare professionals to make timely decisions based on all available patient information.

Despite the widespread adoption of EMRs to improve medical documentation, clinician dissatisfaction has also grown – due in part to disruptions in productivity and workflow.  In addition, poor documentation practices still exist, including: 

  • Gaps or delays in documentation
  • The loss of narrative documentation with EMR adoption
  • Records missing documents/entries, which can compromise patient safety, lead to compliance and liability issues, and impact a clinician’s credibility as a provider 


Many healthcare organizations are discovering that utilizing voice recognition software with their EMRs is valuable for fast and accurate data entry, enhancing total patient care, and increased clinician productivity. 

Some of the top ways speech recognition is improving EMR adoption and medical documentation include:

1. Increases Adoption & Improves Compliance

Speech-enabled medical documentation helps to boost compliance by providing physicians a familiar and preferred data input method — their voice! By providing a more efficient method for data entry, physicians can quickly and accurately document more detailed patient records and enhance meaningful information.

2. Eliminates Data Entry Errors & Duplication

Some dictation and speech recognition solutions, like Winscribe, can seamlessly integrate with EMRs and other Health Information Systems (HIS), enabling physicians to have immediate access to patient information. With a speech-enabled EMR, physicians spend less time on data entry and have more time to focus on patient care and clinical activities.

3. Saves Time

Manually typing a patient encounter into an EMR is time-consuming.  Incorporating speech recognition with an EMR is three times faster (on average) and makes more efficient use of a physician’s time. Furthermore, it reduces the turnaround time of medical documents, so patients can be treated faster…

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