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Legal Industry

Payne Butler Lang Legal Case Study

Clark, Toop & Taylor Case Study

Cooper Lees Morgan Legal Case Study

McCabe Terrill Legal Case Study

Locke Reynolds Legal Case Study

Bowles Rice Legal Case Study

Ice Miller Legal Case Study

Krieg DeVault LLP Legal Case Study



East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust Case Study

Peterborough NHS Trust Case Study

South Eastern Gastro Case Study

Medi-Clinic Dubai Healthcare Case Study

Bath NHS Trust Case Study

GP Surgeries under PCT Healthcare Case Study

OHACI Healthcare Case Study

MidWest Heart Healthcare Case Study

Retina Consultants Healthcare Case Study

Southeastern Orthopedic Center Healthcare Case Study

Athens Orthopedic Clinic Case Study

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Case Study

Patton State Hospital Case Study

Sherwood Forest NHS FT Press Release 

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS FT Press Release


Law Enforcement

Kent County Sheriff Law Enforcement Case Study

New Zealand Police Law Enforcement Case Study

City of Plymouth Law Enforcement Case Study


Transcription Organizations

HomeTech, Incorporated is a leading transcription services solution provider for the insurance industry. The group currently provides transcription support services to over 600 branch offices of 40 major property and casualty companies across the United States. When HomeTech recognized that finding a file transfer solution that was both secure and easy to use was critical to their on-going success, HomeTech turned to Winscribe.

Other Industries

With seven locations across Canada and in the Pacific Northwest, L.V. Lomas is one of the top 25 chemical distributors in North America. Priding themselves on being committed to be the best professional sales organization and distributor of chemical products, L.V. Lomas’ responsible business practices focus on customer satisfaction, service and excellence in everything they do.

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