Realising the recurrent savings and associated benefits of digital healthcare

Have you benefited from currently implemented and future technology?

Following the ‘Delivering the benefits of digital healthcare’ report in February 2016, the role of Transformation teams has become central to cutting costs whilst improving efficiency. One of the reports key lessons was, “A transformation programme supported by technology is needed, not the other way round. This is the fundamental lesson that underpins everything else.”

Winscribe and the Bloor Research team have come together to demonstrate how assessing a trust’s clinical correspondence processes against best practice, bench-marking & industry standard maturity model practices can highlight additional, significant recurrent savings. Their work has highlighted areas of significant potential cost improvement that some trusts are already starting to take advantage of, even where new technology solutions have already been implemented.  This recorded webinar highlights those areas of cost improvement. 

Please click the video below to begin playing the recorded webinar.


HFMA_Webinar_Poll_Report_Icon.jpgDuring the webinar, Winscribe and Bloor Research asked a few questions to the NHS audience. The audience comprised mostly of finance directors and transformation managers. The results correlate with Winscribe’s own experience of working with the NHS for over 20 years, as well as data from Winscribe’s in-house consultancy and Bloor Research’s independent analysis. 

Click HERE to download a copy of the results from this poll!

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